MACMUS’s manufacturers have more than 30 years of experience in sports gear production. We understand the mood of every athlete who wants to write a proud record, all the hard training is to prepare for tomorrow’s game. Therefore, we create more comfortable and safe sports gear for different parts of the body. We except that save more training time in a more efficient way with our gears.


All of our products produced in durable stitching way. Unlike ordinary cheap products, it is easy to cause breakage, we use better sewing technology to make each product more durable.


Core training content that is indispensable for each athlete's training process, with more than 30 years of production experience, MACMUS understands how to train in a more efficient way.


Sports injure is the biggest enemy for every athlete. The development of MACMUS products is intended to be safe for the first consideration, It is possible to leave the production base with products of MACMUS is safety.

Brand Vision

We are eager to create a new record for every athlete. We are eager to participate in the glorious moment of every athlete. Therefore, We have to work hard and look forward to the future. Using data mining to create smart products, friendly environmental materials, sophisticated human body design to influence the world, and help more world-class athletes pursue their dreams of excellence.

Brand Purpose

MACMUS is always based on the highest quality, and support all athletes to make dreams come true.