Classic Glasses style Ankle Weights


Product:Ankle weight
Weight:1 -7 kg (a pair)
Size:35 x 7 cm
Materials:Neoprene、Iron Sand

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Made in Taiwan

Notice: This product is fit for leggings, wrists, ankles, and other parts. As weight training equipment, please adjust it according to your personal physical condition, and DO NOT wear too heavy to cause sports injuries. And ask your personal professional fitness trainer for training!

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions N/A

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1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 5kg, 6kg, 7kg

5 reviews for Classic Glasses style Ankle Weights

  1. Michelle

    Material is very breathable so you don’t sweat!

  2. Victoria

    Very professionally made! They are comfortable and the weights are not adjustable. Once you figure out how to put them on and take them off they are super easy to use!

  3. Angie Molina

    I love these weights and they hold on to my foot securely. I would recommend them. These are great for putting on extra resistance when working out.

  4. Mark Freedom

    I like the way these weights feel while wearing them. Very comfortable against the skin. They stay in place well too. not much travel and I don’t have to cut off the blood supply to keep them in place while I move around. Very happy with the purchase.

  5. WranglerGirl

    Absolutely, completely and totally what I was looking for. I have used them everyday for week now and I have no complaints whatsoever. I have been using them on my ankles, but after a couple of weeks I will order heavier weights for my ankles and move these to my wrists. They fit perfectly, do not loosen, and do not rub. Great product.

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