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Our Team - MACMUS Sport


Focus on every single stitching.

Looking forward to more dazzling sparks.

More cross-industry cooperation

There are quite a few examples of cross-industry cooperation in all walks of life, and there are many successful cases. 

The MACMUS design team has always been more energetic in the brand, so we have joined many cross-industry cooperation programs in addition to the continuous improvement of the appearance, shape and function of the training products. 

In the future, we will not even rule out the cooperation with boutique brand designers to independently develop practical, durable and fashionable sporting gears.

The wide application of technology is a future trend in various industries. Therefore, MACMUS also constantly considers how to apply it to sporting goods, and even considers developing a mobile APP exclusively for MACMUS, all of which is only for our users to feel. With a new sporting experience, we hope to make our products smarter, smarter and more in line with the needs of sports enthusiasts. 

Therefore, MACMUS’s pattern makers have good artistic skills, complete muscle science, and unrestrained design capabilities. In order to meet the unique aesthetics of modern sports lovers.

Experienced and innovative team

More than 30 years of experience in pattern making.

In recent years, sports enthusiasts have increasingly increased the demand for sports training supplies, while paying more attention to the appearance and color. Although most of the sports enthusiasts will be attracted by the bright and sleek products at first glance, returning to the final essence, how to better assist the sports enthusiasts to achieve the training purpose while taking into account the appearance the most important.

Designing sports accessories and training supplies is completely different from designing fashion. In addition to comfort and beauty, designers need to study the muscle movement of the human body so that safe, comfortable and efficient training products can be designed without causing The user’s muscles are injured.

The pattern makers of sports training supplies are becoming more and more important in addition to technology. However, it is not easy for a good pattern maker to develop, because it is not like a designer who can use inspiration, creativity, or hand-held pens to create an artwork in a short time.

A good sportswear pattern maker mostly needs to accumulate for a long time, experience and a lot of body structure knowledge, and constantly draw valuable experience from the failed products.

The full range of MACMUS is made by experienced pattern makers. Working together, I hope to bring a new sense of sports to the user.

“I truly believe in hard work, dedication, and self-discipline.”

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